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Pigeon Forge Condominiums For Sale

The Vista Condominiums are a rare find indeed, when visiting the Smoky Mountains you will notice that the vast majority of housing that is being built is designated or targeting the Overnight rental community.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Overnight rental community, they serve a fantastic purpose in our community and we are very happy to be partners with them.However if you are looking for a Home in the Smoky Mountains that offers ample storage or your belonging, then you will be hard pressed to find that perfect solution.

The Vista Condominiums were designed with PERMANENT Residents in mind.  

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As you study the floor plans we hope that you pay close attention to the AMPLE storage that each unit has been designed and built with.  Also pay close attention to the Square footage, you will notice that starting at the 2 bedroom unit that your square footage is equal to and in many cases greater than the majority of freestanding residences in our community.  

The Vista Condominiums are a Primary Residence only community.  They cannot be used for Overnight rentals.
If you are interested in Overnight Rentals as an investment we have many that you may choose from.  


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